Bill Brunelle

The Magic Samaritan



Dear Friends,

In these tough times, what has become most important to me is sharing the enjoyment and experience of magic, curiosity, communication, wonder, joy, creativity, and the enhanced performance they bring to mind.

“The Magic Samaritan” is my new persona at Beyond Magic. I am popping up all over the city, surprising people on the sidewalks, in shops and restaurants, at corporate coffee breaks, and at parties and celebrations. I’m sharing the excitement I see developing everywhere as you, both as individuals and as groups and organizations, rethink your strategies looking forward. Maybe I can help inspire your imagination.

Please contact me today if you would like a FREE surprise visit from The Magic Samaritan.  I’m realizing that people don’t quite believe that I mean it, so, as much as people love it when they encounter me on the street or in their offices, they are worried about imposing on me for some small dinner or occasion on their own. So don’t hesitate.  I WANT to be asked. Your location could be the next place where I make my magical appearance!

Thanks again, now more than ever,

Bill Brunelle

Beyond Magic

Ph: 212-222-5841

“I was astounded by Bill’s presentation. I laughed with delight and felt like a little kid again. And then I saw he had given me a powerful message at the same time.


What a perfect balance of content and entertainment! Bill was born to teach in 

this remarkable 


—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happiness for No Reason and featured teacher in “The Secret.”

Watch New York State Assemblyman Keith Wright‘s eloquent endorsement of the Magic Samaritan.